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Experienced Collection Agency in Honesdale, PA

Does the age of the debt matter?
A: Yes! The older the debt is, the harder it is to collect. All too often if you wait too long to place your debt with an agency, debtors move and/or experience unfortunate events in their lives which make the debt hard to collect. The fact is, age is arguably one the most important factors in the recovery process.

Why use a collection agency?
A: Many of the accounts you cannot seem to collect yourself will become collectable when placed with an experienced agency. Debtors are more likely to pay when an account is placed in collection because of the heightened sense of urgency produced by the collection techniques.

Why contingency vs. selling your debt?
A: Why use a contingency agency vs. selling your debt to a debt buyer?
Firms that buy debt want you to believe that a contingency collection agency will not work your accounts diligently. The fact is that a contingency collection agency such as Wayne Enterprises does not get paid on the accounts unless we collect for you. Therefore, we aggressively collect your debt while still giving you the control over your accounts and the ability to monitor how we collect them.

Why shouldn't we sell our debt?
A: We believe that when you sell your accounts on the open market you may lose a significant amount of control over how your accounts are worked. when you sell your accounts to a debt purchasing firm they will usually sell it to an agency. After the agency has exhausted their collection efforts they may resell your accounts to another firm. This cycle may continue many times until the debt is very difficult to collect. This makes it very hard for the purchasing firms to make a profit on your accounts. This may cause them to treat your consumers in a manner inconsistent with your business practices and beliefs. That is why we believe contingency collections will suit your company better than selling your accounts.

What are your success rates?
A: Value, age, and what type of debt it is, if the debt was received with a bad address or bad or no phone number, all make it difficult to pinpoint an actual percentage, but our collection rates rank with the top percentages in the collection industry.

What about our reputation?
A: We understand your reputation is valuable. Along with our specially designed collection Strategies and our professionally trained employees you can rest assured your reputation will be protected while we successfully collect your accounts for you.

How do we place accounts with you?
A: There are several different ways to place your accounts with us here at Wayne Enterprises. Electronic, diskette, or hard copy are what most of our clients use. If you use another kind of account loading media, we will upgrade to be compatible with no cost to you.